I apologies for the super-long wait, RL intervened, and then Avengers: Infinity War happened, and I’ve spent the past week in a Marvel-tailspin. Still somewhat spinning, but recovered enough to get some more posts out.

House Status:
Kyra (Mommy/Fairy/Young Adult/Yellow)
Cristina (Mommy/Witch/Young Adult/Blue)
Patrek (Boy #11/Werewolf/Teen/Black)
Nestor (Boy #12/Werewolf/Teen/Violet/Bad Apple)
Eleyna (Girl #10/Genie/Child/Pink/Bad Apple)
Eddard (Boy #13/Genie/Toddler/Green)

We begin with Patrek topping out his Invention skill.

Nan is engaged!

Nestor and Patrek made it on the honor roll.

And Obella has another son.

Kyra takes Eddard to the library for a change of scenery.

She’s working on her writing career.

While he reads the toddler books.

Cristina maxed her handiness.

And Patrek has decided to play around with the time machine he invented.

Lol, you know your mother is already an incredible author, Patrek.

Patrek wishes to befriend his twin, so here we go – this is his sleepwear, just because.

Pillow fight!

Eleyna skipped school today, and Kyra caught her.

After Kyra sent Eleyna off to school, Eddard walked out, and it was so cute that they looked at one another.

This is L8 of the Writer career; the self-employed careers take so long!

Osmund topped the Evil Criminal Career!

Our bad apple helps with Eddard.

Penny and Otto both have new RIs.

Pregnancy pop! Hopefully this one is a girl.

Patrek found a medieval outfit in the time machine!

It’s Eleyna’s birthday! Since she’s a school-skipper, she didn’t get an A, and was stuck with Loves to Swim as her Teen trait.

Pretty girl! Kyra clone with grandma Abby’s green eyes and random brown hair.

What the? I have never seen this before.

Patrek has the Upset moodlet, so I’m guessing Nestor insulted him?

So I made Patrek discuss it with Nestor.

The response is to show off his werewolf teeth.

Good thing they’re both werewolves.

Miss Bad Apple Virtuoso is glued to the bass. I’m hoping she might be able to top out one or two of the instrument skills before she ages up.

Cristina reached L9 of the Science career, and completed another LTW!

Sad Eddard 😦

Baby incoming!

boy. This is Euron, he’s a Genius Coward, who likes Orange, Beach Party music and French Toast.

Cristina topped out her Science skill.

And we changed her LTW; one more level of the Science career to go.

When she’s not skilling on her instruments, Eleyna is very helpful around the house. She’s an excellent Bad Apple (except for the school piece).

It’s Eddard’s birthday!

Lol, he got floating girl hair!

He rolled Friendly for his child trait.

And he’s adorable!

It’s also our twins’ birthday today. Patrek first.

His final trait is Can’t Stand Art, and he already completed his LTW of The Perfect Garden.

He’s all Cristina, with Kyra’s nose and random blonde hair. But so hawt!

Nestor second.

His final trait is Dog Person, and his LTW is High Tech Collector.

With the exception of Kyra’s ears, he’s a Cristina clone, right down to the colouring.

Good timing; it’s a full moon! And since Kyra is no longer pregnant, she can work on her Leader of the Pack LTW.

The easiest way to get a non-controllable to turn werewolf is to play fight.

Now they can hunt together.

Eddard and Patrek play chess together.

Obella is pregnant
again. I think this is the third or fourth time.

Patrek and Eddard are making friends.

Interrupted by graduation time.

For some reason, Nestor didn’t get a cap and gown. And Kyra is still in her werewolf form, lol.

Patrek gets Valedictorian and Most Likely to Burn Down Own House. Lol, nice.

Nestor didn’t even get a Most Likely 😦

Afterwards, the family went to a beach…where there is nothing to do in the snow but have a snowball fight.

Good for making friends with one another, though.

Eleyna took it upon herself to take care of the baby; then took him home to rock with him.

$30k found, only $10k to go!

Elia is getting married!

Eleyna is back onto the bass.

Kyra got stuck while hunting at the pool.

But completed her LTW anyway. Those metals are excellent for raking in the dough quickly.


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