It’s a bit later than I was expecting, but I did get a lot done on my rainy long weekend; the final baby is now a teen in game!

House Status:
Kyra (Mommy/Fairy/Young Adult/Yellow)
Cristina (Mommy/Witch/Young Adult/Blue)
Eddard (Boy #13/Genie/Teen/Green)
Euron (Boy #14/Werewolf/Teen/Orange)
Tyene (Girl #11/Genie/Child/Black)
Tywin (Boy #15/Mermaid/Child/Lilac)

Our newly child-ified twins chat.

Euron eats a salamander, which fulfills his wish to ‘eat something raw’. Werewolves…

These two are in a hurry to get the final daughter born…though Kyra is already pregnant.

Kyra topped out her gardening career.

Nestor’s girlfriend had a baby boy!

I get these notifications every other day, apparently Brylee doesn’t want to attend school.

Kyra’s street art is so gorgeous. It’s taking a long time to get those masterpieces, though.

Cris and Euron shoot hoops together.

Obella topped her career all by herself, well done!

We swapped one virtuoso for another; Tyene is likely to be glued to the piano.

Lucas broke up with his girlfriend.

Tysha has a new boyfriend.

And Leanna bagged a Murdle! As did Benjen…who is still not an elder, damn fairy lifespans.

Not sure the paint fumes are great for the baby, but this is sims.

Tywin bakes, but his siblings prefer their mother’s pumpkin pie.

Baby time! Please be a girl…

*sigh* Nope. Another boy. This is Tyrion. He’s Unlucky and Loves the Cold, and his colour is Sea Foam. Way to be boring, Tyrion.

Cris discovered all the potions.

Tysha had a baby girl.

Mr Neurotic checks the stove.

Then Kyra takes him to learn to drive.

The boys paint together.

Eddard maxed out his logic skill; boy is a skilling machine.

He has also wished to move in with Brylee, so we might be having a wedding to make his wish come true.

Euron is working on his Chess Legend LTW.

The twins are having an afternoon to themselves; Tyene plays with the claw machine, while Tywin goes driving.

Since he’s wished to level up his painting skill, Eddard is tasked with Euron’s portrait. The first one was wobbly, but the second one is good.

Mr Mermaid has no tail, but swimming still fills his hydration meter, so ok.

He’s then working on his fishing, so he can feed himself. Annoying mermaids…

Ms Virtuoso found her way back to the piano.

Simone Murdle is Euron’s next opponent.

Tyrion birthdays!

He’s adorable, all Cris’ colouring. First child since Eddard to get the red hair (which was only 4 children ago, but it seems longer).

Kyra gets right onto the toddler training.

Euron maxed out his logic.

But he’s still trying to beat Simone; three lost matches last night before the full moon derailed the plans.

He won this time.

And it’s Leisure Day, so we’re going to have a pool party.

Thus we only go to the festival long enough to get the greeting card (which still took way too long).

Party guests:

Scotty Davis, Nestor’s son.

Brylee and Blaze Messorem, Junior Jack-Winchester in the blue muscle top, and Kindra Capp in the pink shirt.

Ashlee Capp-Rogers (red) and Shauna Clary (aqua) do not approve of Kyra.

Jade Greenwood (transplanted from Twinbrook), chats to Euron.

Tywin chats to Shauna.

Brylee chose to play video games rather than join everyone in the pool.

Eddard is in the hottub, while Tyene plays with Scotty.

Breath holding contest; Scotty won.

Before long, everyone is in the pool.

Tyene got the kids playing in the sprinkler.

That night brings Eddard’s birthday.

His final trait is Perceptive, and he’s already completed his LTW of Super Popular.

I thought I’d neutered all of the Winchester kids… must have missed Patrek. We’re so close to the end, I’d like the save file to last until the end, so only those not related to the family may breed.

Cris teaches Tyrion to walk.

While Kyra pops with (hopefully) the last baby of the challenge.

Huh…maybe it was after this that I neutered the kids. Penny is pregnant to Obella’s ex-husband.

I missed the notif, but Kyra completed the Street Credible LTW.

She’s now working on the other fairy one, Greener Gardens. And I put a stereo in the garden area because apparently we can only have girls via multiples.

Cris got a promotion.

Leanna and Holden are engaged!

Damn, Jade has already aged up; I had tagged her for Euron.

He tossed her a friendship potion anyway; I might hook them up anyway.

Baby time – and it derailed Euron’s chess match with Charlie.

Finally, the last girl is born! And a twin brother, but that’s okay. Meet Brienne and Baelon. She’s an Artistic Loner who likes Black, he’s an Outdoors Loving Slob who likes Irish Green.

The second they get home, before she even puts Brienne down, Kyra autonomously decides it’s woohoo time. These two are quickly put on birth control; we have more than enough babies!

While his mothers were at the hospital, Eddard topped out his painting skill.

Tyene got honor roll.

The boys play chess on computers…could play together and socialise, but hey.

Patrek had a baby girl.

Holden and Leanna are now married.

Take Two of the chess match between Euron and Charlie.

Now that there are no more pregnancies, maybe Kyra’s Daycare career will work properly. This is her first day.

We’ll end this chapter with some birthdays; Tyene first. She rolled Unlucky.

She’s a Cristina clone.

Tywin rolled Athletic.

He has all Cristina’s features, on Kyra’s overall face shape.


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